Meet Ted & Tracy

Ted and Tracy

PHN Services, home of - The Building People in Shelby, NC has been a family-run, locally owned business since 2003. Ted Easter, Owner and Operator, has had thirty-plus years’ experience in the sales industry and has been an entrepreneur since the age of five. (Just ask him about selling jars of jam and jelly!) Tracy Easter, Ted’s wife, has over a decade of experience coordinating the office’s daily functions and offering excellent customer care. She welcomes customers to the sales lot with her genuine personality and makes everyone feel at home! Ted and Tracy are proud parents of four, and grandparents of three. (And if they had known being ‘Pawpaw’ and ‘Nana’ was so great, they would have been nicer to their kids!)

Ted, Tracy and Grandchildren
Ted, Tracy, and Family

Our Work

While PHN Services and are willing to give just about any project a try, our primary focus is the manufacturing and selling of custom portable buildings, coverings, carports, and garages. 

We take time to understand the needs of our customers and help people find quality solutions. Ted’s varied background in the sales, construction, and transportation industries makes him uniquely qualified to assess the wide array of challenges that come his way. Tracy’s years of experience in volunteering, caregiving, customer care, and project management means that you’ll be treated like a million bucks.

One of the things Ted has always said in business is that he does not have competitors: “I am the only me there is.”

If you want a job done with integrity, hard work, and personal attention give Ted and Tracy a call!

Metal Building Examples

Why Buildings?

We closely vet our vendors to make sure the product is high quality, and they're the type of company we can work with and that will work with our customers. knows that your investments and your lifestyle deserve to be protected. That’s why we have built a business on providing the best wood, metal, and custom structures around.

We know what it means to lay your head on your pillow, tired but proud of a hard day’s work. Ted says, “I always like when a project goes well and everybody's happy. It does give you a sense of accomplishment.”

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1705 S. Lafayette Street, Shelby, NC 28152



Why Shelby, NC?

Shelby has been home to Ted and Tracy for the past twenty-five years. Though they originally didn’t plan on making Cleveland County home, it’s been a great place to raise a family.

They think Shelby is not too big, nor too small. Geographically, it's in a great location for business: close to the mountains, close to Charlotte, Greenville, Spartanburg, and Columbia. is one of the most established building dealers in the Shelby, NC area and was established in 2003.

Framed dollar

The Story Behind a Dollar Bill

Below is a story, told by Ted, about one of our early days in business. This is a customer we’ll never forget!

“A woman came in to purchase a carport for her adult daughter with Down's Syndrome. The daughter enjoyed swimming in the family pool, however the medication she was on prevented her from being in the sun for long periods of time. So the customer asked if we could put a carport over top of their swimming pool. 

I do like a challenge. So we did figure out a way to install the carport over top of their swimming pool. 

As we wrapped up the project on the jobsite, the daughter came to me with a dollar in her hand. The mother asked her what she was doing. The daughter with Down’s said she wanted to pay us for the carport. Of course, the mother encouraged her daughter that she didn't have to pay, but I told the family that I was happy to take this daughter’s dollar, so she could also feel invested in the project. Everyone left smiling, with full hearts.

Now, this dollar hangs in our office as a reminder that every single customer matters.”

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