Is converting my carport to a garage a good idea?

Whether you built it yourself or paid a great contractor, like us, to build it for you, your carport is a valuable investment! You may be wondering “If my carport’s so valuable why bother converting it into a garage?”, we’re so glad you asked! Let’s share with you five answers to that great question…

But as valuable as it is, a carport can only do so much without having walls. That’s why we want to share with you five reasons why converting your carport into a garage is such a good idea!

  1. It extends the life of your investment – By upgrading your carport to a garage you are protecting and extending the life of your investment. A garage is something that you will continually use and its value does not lessen over time. It not only adds value to your property but also keeps and protects everything you choose to store in it. The value it brings in so many different areas will practically pay for itself over time! 
  2. It is cost effective – Many people find themselves having to think more carefully about how they’re going to spend their money these days. Making the “buying things on a budget” mindset far more common than it was in the recent past.  Well the good news is that you can convert your carport at a far lower price than if you chose to buy a new garage. The upfront cost is a whole lot lower but you’ll get the same benefits!
  3. It is more secure – Without walls, carports can only offer limited protection for your property. There are many things you may need to store in a weather proof area that could never be safely stored under your carport because its security from the weather and intruders is only as good as its limited enclosure. A garage gives you more privacy, increased security, and greater protection from the elements. 
  4. It also provides more space – With a garage you will be able to have the added comfort of knowing your property is safe because of having a complete enclosure with a door that you can lock or add extra security to. Having so much protection in place will give you the ability to be able to store stuff in it that you were not able to in your carport. This should free up other space on your property that you can choose to use however you want.
  5. It doesn’t have to be tall enough for a garage door –  If you’re interested in upgrading but not sure if you have the right height to convert your carport, don’t worry! Even if your carport isn’t tall enough to handle a garage door, we can install a swing out door! No problem!

Converting your carport into a garage is a smart move! Think of it as upgrading an already valuable asset, into something not only more valuable but more useful! And you will be able to enjoy the benefits of upgrading for a long time to come! Give us a call today!