What size carport should I get?

One of the first questions people ask when considering purchasing a carport is: What size do I need?

The biggest myth we encounter is the belief that carports only come in two sizes: single or double.

There are a variety of building size options, and the best size depends on what you’re planning to cover. Is it a Mini Cooper or an RV, a four-wheeler, or a grill? We can build any size carport to protect your investment. And we’re proud to offer a variety of metal buildings in Shelby, NC.

Standard carports begin at 12-foot-wide and 20-foot-long and can be extended well beyond those dimensions. Carports can get as big as 40-foot-wide, 16-feet-tall, and, as we like to say, as long as you have space and money!

What The Building People Recommend

If you’re considering covering one car and want room to open doors and move around, we recommend an 18-foot-wide carport. 

Why is that? The average minivan is probably 7-and-a-half-feet wide from mirror to mirror. If you only have a 12-foot-wide carport, that leaves you with 4-and-a-half-feet of extra space, only about 2-feet on either side of your vehicle. That’s not a lot of room to open up your vehicle doors and walk around! 

That’s why we recommend an 18-feet-wide carport to start, giving you plenty of room to open and shut doors, and load and unload your vehicle. For folks with two vehicles, up to 24-foot-wide is considered a double carport. A 24-foot-wide carport allows you to park two cars, open doors, and even fit a wheelchair, stroller, or bike in between your vehicles.

The term ‘carport’ is a bit of a misnomer, because you can cover more than just a car! We’ve seen customers protect motorcycles, mountain bikes, boats, ATVs, grills, and more.

What size carport should I get?

What Will A Carport Cost Me?

The price range for the standard, 12-foot-wide carport is around $1,295.

In order to cover larger items such as a boat or RV, you will need more room in your carport.

GetABuilding.com is uniquely positioned to provide custom sizes to customers that many dealers cannot. Carports can be the size as you need. The longest we have quoted to date is 100-foot-long, and the largest we’ve built is 60-foot-long.

Of course, these sizable structures take a sizable investment. We offer free consultations for folks in the market for larger buildings. The best way to get options to suit your needs is to consult our GetABuilding.com experts for recommendations. 

For more help finding the best carport size for you, download our Building Buyer’s Guide: https://getabuilding.com/guide We’re a premier dealer offering metal buildings in Shelby, NC – and the surrounding area.

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