Can a metal carport be converted to a garage?

At almost every client consultation, a question you’ll be asked is: Do you ever plan to convert this carport into a garage? It is important to ask, “can a metal carport be converted to a garage?”

We ask that because we can make some forward-thinking decisions when designing your carport if your answer is ‘Yes!’ Thankfully, the process of converting a carport is easier than moving one!

To convert a carport into a garage, you will need to purchase additional metal and materials to outfit the carport. But that is not all that you need to consider.

The biggest factor to consider when asking can a metal carport be converted to a garage is: Will the carport be tall enough to fit a garage door?

Carport converted to a garage attached to a house

Ask: How Tall Is My Carport?

Your carport needs to be high enough to fit a standard garage door. Ideally, you want a carport that’s 8-foot on the eave wall to accommodate a standard garage door. (And if you’re wondering what an eave is, that’s the term we use to refer to the part of a roof that meets, or overhangs, the walls of a building.) This will allow you to park a car in your garage. Some folks only want to store a lawnmower or landscaping equipment, in which case 6-foot eave walls might do the trick.

The overall process of converting a carport to a garage goes something like this:

  1. Build Frame On End
  2. Install Metal on Side Walls
  3. Install Garage Door

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as 1-2-3, which is why we love helping our customers outfit a carport into the perfect garage for their needs.

For custom recommendations for your project, give us a call! We are proud to supply the metal carport and portable storage building needs for Shelby, NC and the surrounding Carolinas.

20x21x8 vertical roof carport