Custom Structures

From time to time, we have customers who come to us with unique needs. And we’re always up for a challenge! In the past, our custom projects have included:

  • Proof Rooms Around Sensitive Computer Equipment
  • An Industrial Cover Over Top A Sensitive Machine
  • Single Slope Structures Attached to Homes
  • An Aesthetic Screen Cover On Top of a Four-Story Building

Most of our custom structures are ordered by corporate clients. Custom structures are ideal if you need several modifications to our standard metal or wood buildings. Call or stop by to discuss your custom project. is a brand of PHN Services, LLC located at 1705 S Lafayette Street in Shelby, NC. Our showroom and lot highlights the best of our offerings, and we’ll make you feel like family when you get here. To find the perfect storage building in Shelby, North Carolina - give a try!

We can custom buildings up to 50 feet wide, new rooftops for your existing structure, or almost anything in between!

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