Is a storage building a good investment?

We all want to make the most of our money. And the best way to determine if your storage building investment will pay returns is to evaluate your long term goals.

How long will you be in your current location? For short term storage needs, you might be better off with a storage service. However, certainly for longer-term storage such as ~5 years or more, it would be better to buy or rent-to-own a building. 

Another factor to consider is the value of the item you’re needing to protect. If you don’t have things of great value to cover, avoid purchasing a building. However, if you’re needing to protect a significant investment, we would recommend owning your own storage building!

Wooden Storage Building from Graceland Portable Buildings.

One benefit most storage building owners enjoy is having 24-hour access to their items, no distances to drive, or gates to unlock. It’s really convenient to be able to access your own belongings.

We did some number crunching, and actually, the cost of a rent-to-own storage building versus a storage facility is about the same per month. The difference? Within three years, you’ll have a certificate of ownership; that building is all yours!

The biggest regret people have buying a storage building is they buy too small. We cannot think of a time when someone has said they wish they would have bought a smaller building. When in doubt, order a size up than what you’re thinking!

Owning your own building gives you future versatility for storage and other needs. That portable wood building could move with you to that new house. Have your needs changed? You can remodel a storage building to be extra office space outside or to serve as a guest bedroom.

For more help finding the best buildings size for you, download our Building Buyer’s Guide: