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You can now design your own graceland building!

Wood Buildings are beautifully crafted and have a classic, timeless look. These buildings are portable, which means they can move with you when you do!

How do people use these buildings? Some of our past customers have used their buildings for:

  • A Study
  • An Art Study
  • A Bonus Family Room
  • An Additional Bedroom
  • A Roost for Racing Pigeons
  • Shoe, Purse, Belt, and Hat Collection

If you’re planning on doing heavy-duty projects, like welding or metal fabricator - obviously a wood building wouldn’t be right for you. (Sparks and wooden buildings are not a good combination, right?!) But for most folks, a solid wood building will do the job. 

Call or stop by our lot to browse our quality options! is a brand of PHN Services, LLC located at 1705 S Lafayette Street in Shelby, NC. Our showroom and lot highlight the best of our offerings, and we’ll make you feel like family when you get here. To find the perfect storage building in Shelby, North Carolina - give a try!

Not sure which building will meet your needs? Take our building quiz to find out.

Check Out Our Wood Buildings!

8 x 12 Side Lofted Barn
8 x 12 Side Lofted Barn
12 x 24 Cabin Green Roof
12x24 Cabin with Green Metal Roof
10x16 Wood Building
10x16 Wood Building in Gamecocks Colors
8x12 Side Lofted Barn
8x12 Side Lofted Barn

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Our customers have used these wood buildings as garden sheds, workshops, she-sheds, in-law suites, playhouses - and more!

"Graceland Portable Buildings® is committed to providing the highest quality product, the most enjoyable purchase experience, and service that exceeds our customer’s expectations. Our product is built by highly skilled craftsmen using only the best materials available to provide a product with the greatest integrity."